Erick Latshaw

Junior game programmer with a focus on developing game architecture
and decoupled designer-friendly systems


BUG OFF is a Tower Defense game I am developing in Godot Paul Harden's help with the 3D models. It is anticipated to release on Steam in April 2023.

Whispering Abyss

Whispering Abyss was developed as part of a Games Capstone project at Marist college. I served as the Lead Engineer and our group continued the project after the semester for an official steam release in October.

Derpy Derby

Derpy Derby is an online-multiplayer party game where players control low-poly cars and crash into each other until there's a winner.

Heavenly Sin

Heavenly Sin is a narrative-heavy murder-mystery/platformer fusion set in the 1920s from the perspective of a psychic detective.

Sheep Herding

Sheep Herding is a small solo-project I developed in April 2020 where you play as a dog with the goal of herding as many sheep into a pen until time runs out.

Get in touch

If you're interested in my work and want to get in contact with me, you can email me at